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Who is Covered?

Anyone who spends at least 30% of his or her time in active service on a Merchant Marine vessel that is 'in navigation' can qualify for Jones Act benefits including all staff on board ship, from the Captain on down. The Act covers not only the members of a crew, but the masters of that crew as well. Anyone who has a connection that is both substantial in nature and duration to a specific vessel, or to a fleet of vessels and whose duties contribute to the function or mission of that vessel or fleet is covered under the Act.

The Jones Act generally protects workers on cargo ships, oil drilling rigs, crew boats, barges, transportation boats, and dredges. The Jones Act covers injuries that occurred at sea as well as injuries which occurred while in transport to a vessel or while a vessel was docked.

To be covered by the Jones Act, the injured seaman must meet the following criteria at the time of the accident:

Under the Jones Act, the injured seaman is eligible for financial compensation for a variety of damages, including "maintenance" and "cure." The Jones Act covers:

The Jones Act also covers injuries caused due to an employer's negligence and vessels that are unseaworthy. A vessel is unseaworthy if it is not properly built or maintained, thereby creating an unsafe working environment for the crew. Employers may also be negligent, or careless, for failing to provide reasonably safe working conditions for their crew members

Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA)

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