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Maritime Law Association Since 1899, this professional organization has been a resource and offered support for maritime attorneys. The organization promotes uniformity in the administration of maritime laws and promotes legal reforms, when appropriate. Members include attorneys, judges, law professors and others committed to the issues of maritime law.

American Maritime Cases Since 1923, this organization has been reporting on legislative actions, court decisions and administrative law decisions related to maritime law. The organization publishes various compilations of the law annually which are available in print and on CD Rom. Various subscription options are available.

NTSB - Marine The National Transportation Safety Board investigates major maritime accidents in the United States waters and certain accidents in international waters. The website has information about federal laws, safety recommendations, symposia and upcoming hearings and meetings. Accident reports and studies are also available.

United States Coast Guard The US Coast Guard's mission is to protect national maritime safety, security, mobility and resources. The website has information and statistics about maritime accidents as well as information about how to stay safe on the water. Career information is also available.

Cornell Law School Cornell Law School maintains an online Legal Information Institute which has extensive information about maritime law. That information includes an overview of the field and links to the Constitutional authority, statutes and other legal resources applicable to admiralty and maritime law.

The Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce this scholarly publication is dedicated to all issues related to maritime and admiralty law. Information about the current issue is located on the Journal's website as is information about the editorial board, subscription information and submission criteria. An online library is also available.

International Maritime Law Institute The Institute was created by the International Maritime Organization which is a specialized agency of the United Nations. The Institute is an international center for training maritime attorneys. The website has information about advanced degree programs, short courses, a library and legal documents.

International Maritime Organization The mission of this organization is to promote "safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans." The website contains news information, legal information, and various resources dedicated to fulfilling the organization's mission. An extensive list of web links is an important part of the site. Publications can be ordered online.

Center for Oceans Law and Policy this organization which is part of the University of Virginia School of Law supports the research, education and debate about maritime legal and public policy issues. Various publications are available for purchase online. Information about the group's annual conference can also be found online.

Washburn University School of Law Washburn University School of Law maintains an extensive list of maritime law links. It includes links to sources in the United States and international sources that focus on the maritime law of other countries. Information about a listserv and subject guides are also available.

Findlaw Findlaw has numerous resources about admiralty law. Various guides, journals, newsletters and articles are available. Links to blogs, directories and databases are also available.

Federal Maritime Commission this independent regulatory agency oversees ocean transportation that is involved in the foreign commerce of the United States. Extensive information about tariffs, statutes and rules can be found on the Commission's website. Cruise passengers may also find useful information on this site.

Ocean and Coastal Law Center The University of Oregon's Ocean and Coastal Law Center is dedicated to research and education in the area of maritime law. The Center produces books, articles, reports and research papers. The professionally managed library's catalog can be searched online. A wide range of related links are also available on this site.

Tulane Maritime Law Center In 1982 Tulane developed its Maritime Law Center which is now world renowned for its excellence in the field. The website has information about the Center's academic programs, conferences, written publications and special events. Academic competitions and conferences are also held by the Law Center.

United Nation's Oceans and law of the Sea This extensive website has information about all of the different resolutions, rules, documents and other information put forth by the United Nations with regard to the law of the oceans and seas. Lists of maritime arbitrators and expert witnesses are also maintained on this site.

Expert Witness Search

If you are already a party to a maritime dispute you may be able to find expert witnesses on the Expert witness search engine.

US Marshal's Service Middle District of Pennsylvania this website is maintained by the US Marshal's Service Middle District of Pennsylvania office. It contains a general overview of the field of admiralty and maritime law as well as information about various legal documents and local legal notices.

Tetley's Maritime and Admiralty Law Professor William Tetley of McGill University is one of the world's leading scholars in the field of maritime and admiralty law. This website has extensive information about the field including outlines of Professor Tetley's courses, legal articles, research links, historical information and even a fun and quizzes section.

Cruise ship law overview this site maintains information specific to the laws governing cruise ships. The website includes an overview of the field, articles, web resources, laws and other useful information. The difference in the laws for employees and passengers are explored on this site.

University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law Admiralty and Maritime Law Overview This website maintains a page about admiralty and maritime law as part of its career development for prospective and enrolled students. The information is also a useful overview for maritime employees, vessel owners and ship passengers who might have legal claims for injuries.

HG Worldwide Legal Directory Maritime Listings This worldwide directory has listings for organizations that provide various kinds of information about admiralty and maritime law. The links include information about statutes, professional organizations, administrative law and law makers. Some international resources are also listed on the site.

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